Top 10 Tuesday!

I'm back! While its definately bittersweet to offically be done all things wedding, as the honeymoon marked the last little gem. It is nice to finally feel settled and get into a new routine. The move went much better then expected, thanks to all of our wonderful helpers! We had everything in and partially unpacked before leaving for Hawaii. We were so excited to come home and finish unpacking that the sadness of being done our Hawaiian adventure didn't even dawn on me until today! We had the weekend to unpack, clean and nest. We also got to spend some quality time with both families, as it was Canadian thanksgiving!

Hawaii is a truly beautiful place, there is a little something there for everyone, unless you want shopping. There is NO shopping on the big island :( I love to shop, so that was sad, or would have been sad if I hadn't located the Target! We spent a ton of time by the pool, I highly recommend staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, if you're on the big island! It was amazing, hands down most beautiful place I've ever been. We snorkelled with dolphins, headed on a summit tour up Mauna Kea, went to a luau and hiked through the rainforest to a waterfall!

I will happily go into more detail on the travel section I am currently updating. In the mean time, here are some photo's of my whirlwind two weeks!

How cute is my Mom?! Excellent move helper!

Mr. wedding girl getting right into the Hawaiian way of life

Enjoying our beautiful resort!

Amazing sunsets every night!
The newest addition! The final baby from my bridal party has been born, welcome Audrey!

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