Trendy Thursday, Goodbye for 2 weeks!

As my last post for 2 weeks, I thought it would be so sweet of me to give you something to do in the mean time ;)

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about the fall (and I have A LOT of favorite things about the fall) is the return of TV. I am a pretty diehard fan of a few a lot of shows! So today, I bring you my fall TV lineup, along with their release dates!

Sunday- Homeland, Revenge & Once Upon a Time, seasons begin Sunday September 29th.
Monday- Hart of Dixie, season begins Monday October 7th
Tuesday-New Girl, seasons began Tuesday September 17th
Wednesday- Nashville & Modern Family, season began Wednesday September 25th
Thursday- Grey's Anatomy, season begins TONIGHT!
Saturday- Saturday Night Live, season begins September 28th, with Tina Fey hosting!

There are a few shows I am on the fence about, Glee being one of them. I really loved the first 2 seasons of glee, like an uncomfortable amount. Sue Sylvester is just so hilarious…then it just kind of got boring and fell off my radar. I did end up watching last season for a bit, this season we will have to see. The Originals and Ravenwood are new shows on the CW that looks really good, thinking I will have to add those to my repetior! And some of the new sitcoms look pretty decent as well! I also really like Battle of the Blades, but noticed that its really lacking this year, almost all of my favorite skaters are gone :(

January brings the return of Game of Thrones, the Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars and the 2014 Winter Olympics! I weirdly love the winter olympics, so I am pretty pumped! What I am not pumped about is the fact that my PVR is not hooked up until after we get home (first world problems here) so I will have to watch the return of my favorites online. I'm also trying to get caught up on Breaking Bad, so many people are saying how amazing it is!

Exciting times! I would be more excited if Friends, Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights were also starting new seasons!

Feel free to message me if you think I am missing a juicy, amazing show from my line up! What shows do you wish would come back?!

Enjoy the next 2 weeks of good TV and thanksgiving prep :)

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