Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Hump day has arrived! I caught a glimpse of this article today, via Style Me Pretty. It was an interesting read. The reader's digest version is the signifigant drop in weddings this year, simply because its 2013. I think I find it more interesting because, I, myself got married in 2013 and didn't even blink. I actually like to think of the number 13 as extra lucky! Don't get me wrong, I love a spooky Friday the 13th, I always knock on wood, get the shivers if a black cat crosses my path and so on. I just think 13 is getting a bad rap. So for years, I've dubbed 13 my lucky number and a lot of good things have happened that I corralate with the number 13.

I'm also pretty interested in the fact that people believe so heavily in the unluckiness of the number 13 that they will straight up deter their weddings over it. What sort of bad luck are they envisioning will befall them? I suppose people who bare that mind set will blame bad things happening on breaking a mirror, accidently wandering under a ladder, strolling under a staircase, etc. Seems like a potentially stressful way to live, always on the look out. Honestly I just obey those rules because my Mom says so. My Mom is funny about stuff like that, I've literally been walking with her through the mall and have felt a very hard shove from behind if I happen to be walking under some stairs without noticing haha. She is also a huge believer in wishes, anything weird or out of the ordinary happening garners one wish. That's one rule I am a fan of!

This isn't a knock against superstious folks, more an I'm interested in people's thought process thing. So tell me, are you superstious?!

In other exciting news, I am part of a super fun blog hop today! Check out Fitness Blondie's blog for some great tips and also check out the other bloggers :)

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