Top 10 Tuesday!

I was so excited to get my wedding photo's back a few weeks back! I ran (drove very fast) all the way home, hopped into bed (as it was quite late!) and relived that magic that was June 1st, 2013. It was so amazing to look through all of the photo's and remember moments I'd forgotten. The whole day truly goes by in the blink of an eye! Its acutally ridiculous how quickly it flies by, what I would give to just go back and relive five minutes of that wonderful day.

One of my favorite things I noticed while flipping through photo's today was how truly happy everyone looked. I know I was deliriously happy, excited, in love and any other happy emotion you could possibly feel. I was so pleased to see that everyone just looked like they were having a great time, that was the goal after all. As much as I know and believe that the day is about the couple, its also about celebrating the fact that all of these people came to support you! Its a humbling feeling for sure and there was a lot of love in the Markham Museum that day!

I loved every photo, I love remembering how special I felt that day. My dress was obviously a huge part of that. I genuinely hope every girl feels as pretty and duchess-like as I felt.

Which is why...drum roll please! I am selling my dress.

I know, this is pretty unheard of, but, I am the budget wedding girl after all. And as much as I truly love my dress and it will be hard to part with something so special. I also know, it could really make someone else's big day. So why the heck not! Other then wanting to wear it whenever I've had a bad day, it will just end up sitting in a box in a closet...which is just unfair to such a beautiful dress!

I genuinely hope the next lovely girl that wears this dress has as much fun in it is as I did. I hope it brings you all of the happiness in the world!

If you or someone you know is interested in the dress you can of course email me jkavanagh.events@gmail.com or check it out on the kijiji site.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous!! I considered selling mine but I just can't do it! I am sure you will make another bride very happy :)



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