Trendy Thursday!

Hey y'all!

Thursday, which means baby Friday, holla! I'm going to do things a little differently today. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've changing things up a little bit on this lovely little blog. Adding a travel section, more DIY crafts (when I actually have a spare moment to put those puppies up!) and chatting more about all events, as opposed to just weddings. I'm also making it my aim to add a little bit more about myself on here. I think it will eventually and hopefully, increase readership. I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately, as it is truly something I love so much and has opened a lot of cool doors for me. So I'm on a mission to make it bigger and better! Most of the bloggers I adore are in fact lifestyle blogs. The stories of everyday life, with the addition of photo's are like reading a really good book or having coffee with a friend. There is something so genuine and lovely about them. So hey, why not share a little bit more me on the blog!

Since today is Trendy Thursday I thought I would talk about being trendy in general. I would like to say that I am a super trendy individual that is always up on all of the hot styles. That I rock crazy outfits, accompained with sky high heels, perfect hair and the newest handbag everyday, but that would be a big fat lie. Don't get me wrong, I always aim to please, I like to look good and don't just roll out of bed and show up to work in whatever I can find on the floor of my closet. I am dedicated to matching, accessorizing and a hair brush like the best of them. But trendy? I most definately am not.

This really came to a front last night as I was riffling through my closet desperately looking for something to wear to a bar event, for work. Something cool, trendy and fun! What did I discover...I have nothing cool, trendy or fun, unless you think a cardigan is a rocking good time. Poor mr. wedding girl was sitting on the bed trying to help. Bless him, he was in way over his head.

I like to think my style is classic, very Audrey, if you will. I discovered I really have a thing for the Gap and J. Crew. I also discovered I have a cardigan and corresponding ballet flat in just about every colour. So again, unless I was attending a tea party, this just wasn't going to fly. Clearly you can probably tell by this post, I enjoy night's curled up with a good book, as opposed to bar hopping. Now, don't judge my wardrobe or love of reading and think I'm some boring ass nun. I love me a good night out...just love me a good night in more haha.

I finally broke down and called my younger sister, she saved the day of course and I now look 7 years younger, hooray! You'll be pleased to know I did bring a cardigan in case it gets chilly....

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  1. You're too funny and hey, I love me a good cardi too!


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