Top 10 Tuesday!

OK, seriously…what is up with this weather?! Its beautiful, crisp and chilly, which I LOVE! And I'm happily pulling out all of my cute fall clothing. And then BAM, its hotter then hell today. Ummm…hi, not only am I inappropriately dressed, but my hair cannot handle these temperatures. I thought I was done with frizz for a little while, alas, I have been bested. Anyone else struggling to figure this out?!

On to much more pressing and important news. My extremely handsome, smart, talented, charming (yes 4 days into his life I already know these things about him) nephew has finally graced us with his presence. On Friday September 6th, I fell in love with a little man named Colton. A huge congratualtions goes out to my sister and brother in law for bringing such perfection into the world!

That's two of my maids down, one to go! I am in baby heaven with all of this cuteness going on right now! So, since I'm in a baby place right now (no Mom, I am not pregnant) I would like to share my Top 10 Nursery Idea's (thank you pinterest for allowing me to design my future children's rooms without creeping out my husband)

Cute, right?! OK, I promise back to baby-less posts tomorrow. Unless people send me more baby pictures...in which case I cannot be held responsible!

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