Wedi-quette Wednesday!

How is July almost over?!? Honestly!! I've been married for almost 2 months!! WHAT?! Where has the time gone?! I'm sure it doesn't help that in the last 2 months I have gotten married (woo hoo!), started a new job and as of this past weekend, bought a house!! All of these things are truly wonderful and amazing...its just a lot. I can honestly say I'm ready for things to just be now. For a girl that isn't in love with too much change, there has been a heck of a lot of it lately. I am certianly not complaining the the least, these are such fantastic things happening! Now I just want to sit back and enjoy them all! We don't move until September, so I have a little bit of breathing room, thank the lord!

Plus, thanks to all of the house and job newness I really just lay in bed at night and remember all of the things I missed out on doing that day. Like writing on my blog, reading my blog list and pinning. These probably seem like silly things to most, but I really love doing them. So, I'm looking forward to getting to dedicate more time to all of those good things, since I will be a commuter again!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I've decided to transition this blog a bit more and discuss all of life's milestone events. I am also happy to assist in the planning of any of these events, so feel free to shoot me a message, if you require assistance!

This week, for my first Wedi-quette Wednesday back, I thought it would be fun to talk shower invites. I am in the midst of planning two baby showers and a wedding shower. Which is a lot of fun! Coming up with themes, menu's, games, gifts, I love it all! Since I still like to keep to a nice strict budget and try not to go overboard (which can be tough!) I like to cut costs where I can. I am still a huge fan of the good, old fashion invitation coming in the mail. Especially with all of the beautiful, custom made ones that come from ETSY! However, they can be expsensive. This is one area you can cut your budget if you're not totally hung up on paper invites. You could save money on printing costs and stamps! E-vites have come quite a long way! My favorite site is Punchbowl. There are so many cute, free choices to use and you can do so much to customize it! Plus it has lots of great tools like a potluck option, guestlist management options and fun reminders. While some folks may say its not as classy to create an e-vite, I have to disagree. Lets face it, its orgainized, people can respond right away and they won't lose the information. Its a fine line though, the internet does promote less socializing face to face or even over the phone. Remember the days when you would get an invititation and have to call the person and leave a message on their home phone to let them know if you were able to make it or not?! A part of me misses that!

Even if you chose to do an e-vite, I think its super important to send a handwritten thank you note. Its so SO much more sincere. Please, please make sure you leave enough in your budget for this! If you're worried about the time consuming task of writing thank you cards, remember, these people took the time to come and celebrate you! They probably brought a lovely gift as well, it is very important to thank them. Also, you could ask a friend or relative to hand out the envelopes for everyone to fill out their addresses. This is a sneaky little trick one of my bridesmaids did at one of my showers. Really saved my hand when I was writing thank you cards and we knew the addresses were correct.

Here are some cute thank you cards I've seen on, you guessed it, Pinterest

My two favorite shops to buy thank you cards are Target and Chapters! They both have such great selections of beautiful thank you cards and they're quite reasonably priced!

I hope this helps with some of your invitation and thank you card woes! Happy hump day y'all!

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