Top 10 Tuesday!

Let me just start this post by saying, THANK GOD for long weekends! This coming weekend marks the second of three long weekends in the summer, here in Canada. Usually, if you're lucky, its a time spent up at a cottage with family and friends. I'm quite content to just have a weekend at home to be honest! Since we're moving in two months, we're trying to soak up all of the things we've loved about our neighbourhood (mainly the Greek food!). So that's our main priority this weekend, with some visits to friends and family too, of course!

In keeping with my recent posts about showers, I thought I would take an opportunity to chat about baby showers today. Honestly, I'm hitting a point in my life now where everyone is getting married or having a baby it seems like! And I love it! Such an exciting time, with so many great things to celebrate! I think I mentioned I have a few baby showers myself coming up. Two of my bridesmaids will be showered with love in August. If you remember correctly I had 3 pregnant bridesmaids! So I will be busy with so many cute babies for the next little while!

It seems like a ton of people are reverting back to the exciting notion of not finding out the sex of the baby. Some people are staying in the dark, others are having gender reveal parties. There are tons of fabulous ways to celebrate the pregnancy, whatever you decide. Whille the task of having a baby shower and not knowing the sex can seem daunting, especially in terms of theme, its actually quite do-able! Here are my Top 10 Themes for Baby Showers! You'll notice they range from gender neutral, to boy or girl oriented. I love them all!

A Kate Middleton inspired shower?! Totally gender neutral, thanks to the polka dots and sounds right up my alley!

A fairytale themed shower, SO cute!

A Peter Rabbit themed shower, adorable!

Nautical, so trendy and cool right now!

You don't even necessarily need a typical theme! Just bright and happy would be perfect!

At the end of the day its important to remember you're celebrating a super exciting time! So keep it fun and bright. Also remember, tons of pregnant ladies means tons of water! Keep those chicks hydrated! Did you think I was going to say tons of food?! That would be rude, but that's probably not a bad idea :) Happy planning!

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