Weddi-quette Wednesday

One of the most awkward parts of a wedding is the notion surrounding gifts. What is appropriate? What should a couple give versus a family or someone attending solo? Should you give a gift if you're only invited to a portion of the wedding? As the bride and groom, do you say anything if no gift was given? So many questions! So much room for awkward/uncomfortable conversation!

Obviously the most important thing is that people come and have a good time! However if you're a guest at a wedding the expectation is that you will bring a gift. I read a fantastic article here, that was done by CBS News, basically answers a ton of those questions. The thing is, some folks can't afford the usual $100/head. That is fine, this is one of those places where thought definitely counts! People get it, if you're invited to a wedding the bride and groom probably know you pretty well, they probably know if you're struggling or not, trust me, its worth the honest conversation. I think it is important to know when to communicate and when to bite your tongue though. If people didn't get you a gift, its truly up to you whether or not you want to say something. Are you close enough to say, didn't receive anything from you, just want to make sure it didn't get lost. That is probably the best idea, because you truly don't know, it could have gone missing and then they'll be stuck wondering where the thank you card is in the coming months. You would hate to give someone a gift that someone swiped and the couple to just think you forgot. It also allows for that honest conversation, no one will be mad at you if you tell the truth, unless you over stayed your welcome. What I mean by that is sometimes you see people that completely take advantage of the open bar, free food situation. Keep in mind, its not free to everyone, two people are still picking up the bill, so there is no reason to get completely out of control.

Here is where things get tricky, etiquette dictates you have up to one year after the wedding to give a gift...that's a lot of leighway, at what point does both parties forget?

Money and gifts can be a tricky, uncomfortable thing. In my experience with weddings, some people don't give gifts, that is true. But, some people are so overly generous it truly doesn't matter. At the end of the day, there is a reason for everything. If someone couldn't give a gift, just be thankful they came and move on. You only have to give thank you letters to those folks that did give you gifts, so keep that in mind when ordering the thank you's!

I hope this shed a little bit of light on a potentially awkward situation. I am, personally, overwhelmed and so thankful with all of the generosity experienced at my own wedding. Still glowing from the best day ever!

Head back tomorrow for a little post on being emotional, because I don't think this is honestly talked about enough! I had no idea I would be as amped up as I was!

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