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Almost the weekend, woo hoo! You know how I feel about weekends and this one sounds especially delightful! Following the craziness of the past few months with the wedding, nothing gets me more excited then a quieter weekend at home! We're doing it all this weekend, family time, friends time and of course home time! The perfect combo!

Today I would like to share a little part of my experience, one that I don't think is talked about nearly enough! Weddings are joyous, exciting experiences. Most brides look their most beautiful on their big day, perfect hair and make up, big smiles! They gracefully strut around, almost as if they're flying, so angelic. And then there was me. I genuinely don't know if I could have physically sweat more, cried more, thrown up more. Yes, I did all of these things, essentially I was a hot mess.

The truth is getting married is truly the best thing that can happen to two people. It was certainly the best thing that has ever happened to me and it was the most wonderfully memorable day in my life, I don't want this post to confuse or make anyone think otherwise. It is also the most stressful, amazing, emotional day where you body is just confused, OK. I felt like Kristin Bell when she saw that damn sloth.  You don't sleep for a week leading up to it, having time for eating a regular meal is a joke, your voice is spent from yelling "I'M GETTING MARRIED" all week in every random parking lot and grocery store you visit and while I'm usually OK public speaking, somehow getting up in front of everyone I know and trying not to cry whilst speaking was just overwhelming. To the point where I am quite sure I looked like this:
Honestly...I was TOO EXCITED. Seriously, this is a day I have dreamed about, fantasied over, had endless conversations surrounding for my whole life. I was that girl, you know the one, that had her wedding planned out at the age of 5. I just love weddings! I get so amped up for every other wedding, the food, the flowers, the dancing, the couple...LOVE LOVE LOVE! When it came to my own, sweet lord, the feelings were just over the top, so I cried...a lot. I cried during the rehearsal, I cried in bed at night, I cried in the morning, I cried while getting ready, I cried when I read the note Mr. wedding girl gave me with my something blue (that one really put me over the top...don't believe me?)
"ohh so sweet, a bracelet"

"oh...and a card"

I SHOULD NOT HAVE READ THE CARD (it was a truly lovely card btw)
Seriously, I wish the crying stopped there. The crying really didn't stop until dancing, I don't think I had any tears left. You can picture what your day is going to be like for years, but I can promise you it will be SO much better then that. Do I wish I cried less, probably. Was I stressed out because I knew I had the ugly cry face on, sure, you can just feel that sucker coming on and everyone has their camera pointed directly at you! Then I just embraced the Kim Kardashian cry and you know what...I owned it.

So ladies, if you not one of the ones that angelically glides up the aisle and doesn't blemish their stage make up in the least, bravo to you, I envy your grip on your emotions. If you're like me and the excitement becomes to much, you find yourself balling your eyes out at every turn and dragging your Dad up the aisle at top speed, here is my advice to you. Either don't accept hugs and kind words from any one (because that stuff really got me going) or just OWN IT. Be OK with the fact that your so revved up and so in love! This is your day girl, and if you can't control those emotions. But, be sure to get waterproof make up!

Happy early Father's Day to this handsome guy! I hope you're having a great time on the west coast, you're a terrific Dad and I'm very lucky to have you :)
More tears....see, I didn't lie

Finally managed to pull it together...thank god!

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