Trendy Thursday!

I've seen some other bloggers do this and thought was fun to read! So, I figured, why not, maybe there are things y'all want to know about me...maybe not. I've come up with some all on my own and asked a few people who know me best, what some quirky things to share might be, here we go:

If you really knew me....

You would know that I am a serious book worm, I read about a book a week, sometimes more depending on how much time I have to dedicate to my book! I take serious pleasure in going on amazon.ca to figure out when my favorite authors will be releasing new books, which I then put in my calendar. Totally dorky, I know.

You would know I LOVE cupcakes!

You would know that I adore my family and friends, I would do anything for any of them :)

You would know I was my high school mascot...because I didn't make the cheerleading team.

You would know I am a serious bargain hunter, one of my favorite words in the English language is sale, I pay full price for nothing! And I love to shop!

You would know that I love my family dog so much, I cannot break down and get my own dog because I don't think Jack will understand and he will think I love him less. Completely unreasonable.

You would know I LOVE my PVR. And I think Friends, Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights were the best shows on TV ever. I would be the first in line to go and see any of those if they turned them into movies.

You would know I love being able to host gatherings! I love prepping, baking, cooking, decorating, cleaning and then I love having a whole bunch of wonderful people around!

You would know I have a lot of celebrity hero's, my top 5 are Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Ansiton, Chelsea Handler and Jillian Harris!

According to my husband- you would know that Jess watches an embarrassing amount of teen shows, like Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game....that is true.

Also according to my husband- you would know she suffers from a totally real, not made up or imagined (I'm talking to you Paul) thing called misophonia. Essentially I am hyper sensitive to certain sounds like chewing, coughing and slurping...that one is the worst! If your coffee is too hot, then DON'T DRINK IT! Also, this doesn't stop the Mr. from aggressively shoveling cereal in his mouth, so LOUD.

According to the bestie- you would know that Jess calls PJ's "jammies". Also true, and apparently hilairious.

According to my Mom- you would know that Jess still calls me "Mommy" and that she loves the colour pink. Both true and I'm not making any apologies for either, I also am well aware I am 25.

According to my sista (who is a loose cannon by the way)- you would know Jess loves anything with polka dots and sparkles, she could quote any line from Friends (espeically Chandler- this is untrue...Chadler?!?) she's never been drunk, but she is a real good time, she loves gummies and those gross pumpkin things that come out at Halloween, she loves drinking tea, she's travelled all over North America, she loves wearing dresses, she discovered the BEST flavor of popcorn ever ketchup and salt & vinegar. All true things and much nicer then I assumed she would share!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me :) Have a wonderful weekend! I will be enjoying a long weekend, as I am starting a new job on Monday...SCARY! But also very exciting!

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  1. Love this (might copy you!) but I have to say, one thing I definitely didn't know was that you were the highschool mascot. Priceless! What was it?


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