Weddi-quette Wednesday

Today's post is not about weddi-quette, but instead about a fabulous little gem I found and would love to share! Last weekend I headed out to the west side of the city, had brunch with the hubs (still so strange to say I have a husband!) and took a stroll over to the Toronto Flower Market. I was in love! Beautiful blooms and freshly baked treats galore!

The market stretches along the sidewalk of 99 Sudbury St, which is a pretty neat event venue. It houses a couple of different vendors and  tons of beautiful flowers, at very reasonable prices. Plus, they wrap your flowers in beautiful kraft paper! Its the little things people!

Here are some photo's:

See what I mean? Cute, right? Sadly I didn't get any photo's of the flowers I actually bought, apparently asking Mr. Wedding Girl to take a photo while he's pulling onto the highway is too much to ask. The next one is taking place on Saturday July 13th, 2013, from 10am-3pm. Be there! You can get more information from their website.

Come on back tomorrow for a fun post called "Ten Things You Don't Know About Me"

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