Hello my darling readers!

I am truly sorry for the little break I took, but man was I busy! I don't think I've ever had so many things going on at once in my entire life. As stressful and overwhelming as it was at times, was it ever amazing.

I am writing to you now as a married woman! That's right, this wedding girl is hitched! It was truly the best night of my life, the weather held out, every thing I painstakingly created, organized, bought, hung, glued, built, came together in what can only be described by me, as breathtaking. The wedding itself was so memorable, very emotional and SO MUCH FUN. We worked so hard to make the day happen and it went off with very few hitches. The hitches that did take place were dealt with a deep breath and an onwards we press attitude. I have enough material to break down different parts of the day on here for a while. So in the mean time I would love to share a few photos from the big day!

Beautiful wedding signage, done by the fabulous Mrs. D! Chalk boards rented from Kate's Garden

All decorate and ready to go for the ceremony, the idea was to place flowers on the stumps, but we got rained out :(

Fantastic signs created by my brother in law and written on by Mrs. D!

Cocktail hour!

Photo booth all ready to go...it did not look like this by the end of the night!

My uncle's truck all ready for photo's!

Our guest book idea! Love the finished product!

Gift and sweets table!

Our amazing bar!

All set up! Just missing the flowers.

The ecstatic Mr. & Mrs.!

Blogging away :)
Thank you again to everyone that had a hand, big or small, in my big day! Especially my wonderful bridal party that was hustling away prior to getting our hair and make up done to ensure every last detail was perfect with me! I promise to continue posting more about this magical day and to give you step by step tips and tricks! So glad to be back!

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