Weddi-quette Wednesday

I'm back! But, only for a moment really. If you've been a bride, then you know the last few weeks are MADNESS! If you're like me, you also know, you work better under pressure. So, while I am positive everything will get done, I am still running around like a mad woman and every moment of every day is filled with thoughts of June 1st!

I will say, admist all of the craziness, I have done a good job slowing down every once in a while to remind myself to breath and enjoy the moment. Things this exciting are far and few between and while I am insanely excited to be married, I am trying to just focus on all of the wonderfulness that has come along with planning this wedding.

I hope if you're getting married in the near future, that you too, take a moment, look around and be thankful. Don't sweat the small stuff, at the end of the day you're the only one that remembers, if you choose too.

I will try to keep popping in, in the mean time, check out some of my favourite bloggers, located at the bottom of the site!

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