Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Hello readers!

My apologies for missing Top 10 Tuesday yesterday, life is about to get very, VERY, hectic for this wedding girl. The wedding is officially 1 month away, June 1st, will be here before we know it. In the next month I have to celebrate a very special 23rd birthday (my brother), 19th birthday (my sister), 30th birthday (Mr. wedding girl), 50th birthday (my Mommy!), Mother's Day for 2 wonderful ladies, my parents wedding anniversary, the busiest month of the year at work, throw in a trip to Boston for a Blue Jays game at Fenway Park next weekend and I'm thinking I might not even be able to stand up on June 1st!

While some people may think this is way to much to take on, I have chosen to think about the month of complete craziness this way- How often do you get all of this wonderfulness at once?!? I was also just asked to be my best friend's maid of honor last week, AMAZING! Her wedding is in February, so I definitely have some time. As exhausted as I am sure I will be, I am so excited that I get to be a part of all of these special occasions! Plus, the planner in me could not let any of them pass without having a little party and making each person feel special. While I am not sure I will be able to keep up with my 3 posts a week for the remainder of the month, I will try to keep everyone in the loop and of course, talk weddings!

As I've mentioned before, I am going to finish sprucing up this space, that I adore so much after the wedding is no longer running my life. I am really thankful that I am experiencing the full planning process of my own wedding (for obvious reasons of course, like I get to marry the most handsome 30 year old out there, wait...how old is Ryan Reynolds?! Just joking, I crack myself up) but, I've also experienced first hand the stresses and issues that come up, I think it will make me a better planner, it will also be easier to provide advice, where I struggled before. Its completely different planning someone else's wedding, you're just trying your hardest to make someone else's vision come to life, this time, I am trying to make my own vision come to life, on a tight budget! Dealing with tons of vendors, keeping everyone happy and ensuring things are done in a timely manner can be tough. I just keep reminding myself of how memorable the day will be and honestly, I don't care if its not "perfect".

Thank you for your patience over the next month! I will do my best to keep this updated :) Enjoy the sunshine that is finally here!

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