Trendy Thursday!

I think Trendy Thursday is my favorite post to write, I don't know if its because I do love researching wedding trends or because I know its almost the weekend!

This week I thought it would be fun to chat about photo booth's! This is becoming a standard at weddings! For good reason, they're so much fun! One of the things that seems to be most fun and bring out your silly side, would be props! Now, sometimes props will come with your photo booth or sometimes you will have to supply your own. There are a wide variety of etsy shops that provide tons of different props or you could try your hand at making your own. I am making my own, this will be one of the DIY posts up soon. So far its been quite easy, there are stencils online and I got some great supplies from Staples!

Here are some examples of silly props!
 You also want to keep in mind that full masks will cover your guests faces and then you won't be able to see whose who. Have fun with the whole process! Keep your eyes peeled for the DIY section in the coming months for some more photo booth prop tips!

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