Weddiquette Wednesday!

Now that our invites are out and we're starting to receive RSVP's (which might be my favorite part of the process so far!) I thought it would be timely to do another post on the etiquette of RSVP-ing. We decided to be budget friendly, we sent out a formal invitation, which I created with the help of Sarah from Sarah Martin Photography!At the bottom of the invitation we directed people to our website, which I created on wedding wire. As mentioned last week the process was free and relatively easy, just a little bit time consuming, but it does say some serious cash! Plus I am a big believer in having a space where you can share fun facts, tell everyone about your wedding party and allow your guests to get to know you a little better. Wedding's are funny, sometimes you don't necessarily know everyone very well, perhaps their a friend of your parents or a relative you don't see often. With a website, you tell a bit of a story about yourselves as a couple and allow people in, I think it makes the wedding much more enjoyable!

We have an RSVP tab on our site, this allows people to take a look at the meal selections and shoot us an email with all of their information. Something I've discovered with doing the RSVP this way, is that most folks have written a really sweet message along with their choices. It has been so much fun reading them together!

When RSVP-ing to a wedding, please ensure you're cognisant of the following:
  1. You are writing your full name, first and last, in your response. The bride and groom will need that for the place cards.
  2. Only respond with a guests name if your invitation reads "& guest" and ensure to write their full name as well.
  3. Be specific if you have an allergy, that is something the caterer will want to know, let me remind everyone that an allergy and something you don't like are 2 different things :)
  4. Be timely, you don't want people to have to chase you, do it right away if possible. The number of guests will be determining a lot of things that still need to be finalized, IE: the number of rentals.
  5. If you're unsure of anything, just reach out! Don't make assumptions, its always better to double check.

I hope this assists with all of your RSVP-ing needs! Have a wonderful hump day!
Back to front, we had so much fun making these!

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  1. Adorable invite...! And I love your point about the allergies too :)


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