Trendy Thursday!

My apologies that you had to miss out on all of my wise weddiquette-ism's from yesterday, I was off the grid, thanks to a migraine :) This weather is just the best isn't it?? Just in case anyone is wondering its been hailing all morning! Nothing like being pelted on your way to work. Where is the sunshine?? I know, I chose to live in Canada and I LOVE living here, but mother nature needs to get her act together.

Felt good to rant! Days like today would be much better on the couch with a blanket, good book and cup of tea. On to much more exciting things! Wedding Websites! These are quite the thing these days! You can pay and have your own domain or you can go the free, template route and add that to ways you're being spending savvy! There are tons of them out there, just take some time to google what you'd like and try some different ones out. Some are easier to use then others, some offer more template selection then others, etc. We used wedding wire, which I found had the widest template selection and was super user friendly. You can check out our website here.

You can upload all sorts of stuff on your website, here are some fun things to consider:
  • where/how you met!
  • how you got engaged
  • your wedding party!
  • where you're registered
  • directions to where you're getting hitched
  • hotelling information
  • fun facts about the bride and groom
Really anything goes on these sites! Make it fun and make it you! We've also decided to ask guests to RSVP on our site. It's incredibly budget friendly and it has been so fun to receive the RSVP's with a little personal note attached to it. Again, this might not be an option if there are a lot of guests that do not use the Internet, we're lucky and only had a few. At the end of the day, do what makes you and your partner comfortable, some people will still not quite understand this concept and miss the days of sending back their meal selections and RSVP's, but this has worked beautifully for us so far.

I hope this provides you with some new views around doing a website, don't be discouraged, just give it a shot, I think you'll be happily surprised with what you can accomplish!

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