My Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend marked the beginning of wedding festivities! It was my Bachelorette Weekend in Blue Mountain and it was fabulous! I cannot tell you how loved you feel when all of these people gather in your honour, its just something you have to experience. While we didn't get to go to the Scandinavian Spa, which was the main event, we did get to lounge, play some interesting games and just enjoy each other (and some delicious food!). Most of the photo's are just not appropriate for the blog, but here are a few!

All of the ladies (minus Emma!) at dinner

Delicious cuppies!

Cute cups!
My special cup, thanks to my crafty Mom!
My sparkly outfit!
Not only do you feel the love from all of the fantastic ladies that join you, but in all of the details as well! There were cupcakes, tons of pink, all of my favorite snacks, favorite drinks and so many secrets! The bachelorette marked 7 weeks until I get to marry my best friend and I cannot wait! I am so lucky to get to experience all of this and feel truly blessed! Thank you again to everyone that made this weekend happen, I am one very happy bride to be!

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