Trendy Thursday!

Thursday? Already? Thank you Lord this week is flying by. Why do I want this weekend to be here, you ask? Because its my BACHELORETTE!!!!! I am SO excited to celebrate my upcoming marriage with some of my favorite gals! Pictures and stories to follow next weekend :)

Since we're doing a lovely spa day, I obviously need to give myself a mani pedi this evening (whilst watching Nashville, its nice to see Tammi Taylor has made it so fair in life, with her perfect hair) anyways...I thought I would bring back the ever popular, trendy nail post! I just think people who are talented enough to make their nails a work of art deserve some sort of award! Its hard enough to stay in the lines and not mess up the one colour.

Without further adieu:

What do you think?? Which shade is your go to for the Spring season? I'll be back next week with tales from my weekend :) Happy Thursday everyone!

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