Top 10 Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! It feels like sunshine and warm weather is finally on the horizon! I had a wonderful, family filled weekend and completed a couple of DIY wedding projects! Its officially 2 months until the big day! I couldn't be more excited to become a Mrs. and be able to share our big day with all of our family and friends. I am eager to see what they all think about our rustic, crafty day, with lots of personal touches.

This week's Top 10 is going to revolve around where I am in the wedding process, which is all of the last minute items! Its crunch time :)

So here are the Top 10 Things Brides Usually Forget:

  1. A wrap or cardigan. Even though most get married in the summer, the evening can still be chilly if you're having an outdoor wedding. You want to be prepared so you don't freeze all night or end up having to cover your dress with something less than fabulous! I have picked up a gorgeous while cardigan with beautiful jeweled buttons! And I got it on sale...which makes everything better!
  2. Tips! Some of your vendor's probably deserve a tip, this is something you could decide before hand and prep in an envelope to be handed out the day of, if necessary.
  3. Your make up! Generally you need to touch things up throughout the night, especially if it is a hot day! Just throw your stuff in a little bag or clutch and keep it in the brides room or even under your seat.
  4. Comfortable shoes, this doesn't even require an explanation!
  5. If you're staying over somewhere, the appropriate under garments, you can't wear hot pink undies!
  6. Extra copies of all speeches and vows!
  7. Advil and bandaids, always better to be prepared!
  8. Have your transportation figured out well in advance.
  9. Getting someone to move gifts and money
  10. Buying gifts for the wedding party. You really do not want to leave this until the last minute. You never know how long it will take to find and order the perfect things!
I hope this list is helpful, these are all things I've seen folks forget and then panic about! I hope this list provides a gentle little reminder to ensure everything is in place ahead of time :)

Happy planning!

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