Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Which is technically like Thursday, because its a short week, WOO HOO! And since I am in such a delightful, its almost the long weekend mood, I thought it would be the perfect day to announce some very exciting news! I have three pregnant bridesmaids, that's right, three! One would be a blessing, three is just magical! A huge congratulations again to Michelle, Caroline and Heather. So many little ones on the way, to snuggle!

Another reason I thought it would be a good discussion topic on today's blog is the stigma around having or being a pregnant bridesmaid. Some of the people I've told get all wide eyed and look at me with pity. Some have asked me if I've asked them to step down. Um...what??? Pardon me for being a little bit slow on the uptake here, but how could anyone be anything but elated by the announcement of a pregnancy. I've done some research and this all goes around a couple of different things, the main two seem to be stealing the brides thunder and anxiety about what they will wear.

I have quick fixes for both of these issues. First of all, who the heck cares if someone is pregnant and marching around your wedding with her cute little belly or a brand new baby! Why not rejoice in the fact that you have so many good things to celebrate all at once?? That doesn't happen often enough, so enjoy every moment of all of the good stuff. Secondly, it worked fine for my bridal party, because they all chose their own dresses. Some got maternity, some just got bigger sizes. If you do want them all in the same dress, there are so many options out there now and Alfredo Angelo has a long line of maternity wear that matches other dresses. So don't fret, it will still all come together the way you're imagining.

Remember, as always, at the end of the day its about you and your partner and all of the love between you. Having a pregnant wedding party member is just a cherry on the cake, more love to spread around! Plus, who doesn't LOVE snuggling babies!? Did I say snuggle too much, do I sound crazy??

See...totally in my element! So cuddly!

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