Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Wednesday already?! I love weeks that seem to fly by, especially when you have a day filled with good things! I am taking Mr. wedding girl to Boston in May for his big 30th birthday! Woo hoo! So I busied myself with dreaming (and booking!) of Boston today! So readers, I thought it was only fitting to put the question out to you, any tips? Must sees? We're also going to spend one night in Nantucket, because I have wanted to go there for a long time! So many exciting things on the horizon for our little wedding family!

Now, down to weddi-quette business! This week I thought I would share something interesting I came across this week on Pinterest. Does a flower girl have to be a little girl? I'd never really given it much thought, it's always just been a pretty standard tradition in my mind, until I saw this photo:
I mean honestly, how adorable is this?!? What a touching and perfect way to involve your grandmothers. So here is the question, what are the rules around this. This is a tradition that started centuries ago in Britain. Essentially the young flower girl represents prosperity and fertility and as she throws the flowers she is blessing the marriage with those things. I don't think age needs to play a role necessarily, I say have fun with it and change up the rules a little bit if you want! Is this something you would consider doing at your wedding?

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