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Today's Trendy Thursday is going to be a little bit different, I'm going to chat about honesty. One of the things I've noticed, being an avid blog reader for some time now, is how quickly you find yourself being jealous of someone else's life. It's not a malicious feeling at all, you just read these fabulous travel blogs and think "I wish I could love in London for a year" or you see stunning fashion blogs and wish you had their clothes. Its a nature human emotion to think that way. Some people's lives seem so perfect and seamless. Sometimes you read these blogs and have to remind yourself that people are rarely going to blog about the bad things that are happening to them and no one's life is perfect! Who would want to read that all of the time, it would be depressing! Comparing yourself to others is also a recipe for disaster, you are you, and you're probably pretty fabulous.

Something I have noticed, more lately for some reason, is people will blog about the bad stuff sometimes. This space is your own, you can write whatever you want, some people will read it, others don't even know its there. You can make up an entirely fake life if you wanted, who (other then the people that truly know you) would know? After reading about these women's struggles I feel more connected to them (strange and cyber creepy as that sounds) I feel like we're friends and I feel sadness for them. More then anything though, I admire them. Who wants to admit that sometimes in life, things go wrong? Sometimes things happen that you couldn't foresee. Over the past few weeks I've learned about miscarriages, cancer, children passing away and weddings not becoming a reality. Throughout all of these stories one thing remains true- they always credit their families and especially their spouses with helping them get through it. Since I am a big believer (and promoter) of the importance of the marriage, rather then the wedding, I thought I should voice my options on this.

All of these recent posts and news stories got me to thinking, do people really take the time to consider what their partner would be like in a tough situation? Would they bring you up and carry you through it? Would the crisis make them shut down and walk away? While you can never really predict what a person will do in any situation, you do have a pretty good idea. If you haven't seen this story, I cannot think of a better example of what I am taking about. I haven't had the perfect life, but I am so lucky to say that I am healthy and love has been a constant in my life. I have wonderful parents, a brother and sister that I would do absolutely anything for, friends that I adore and now a new family to love and that love me back. Because of all of the things that have happened to me in my life I did take the time to consider what would happen if I went through something trying and awful. What would my husband need to be like? Obviously you hope he would be supportive and 100% with you. Life happens sometimes, you might have zero warning and just have to react.

I am so thankful and lucky that I have met the person that will truly stick with me through anything. He does little things he doesn't even notice, that show me this. Something as small as bringing me a tea if I am sad, always knowing the exact moment I need a pep talk or a hug (its almost weird, feels like he can hear my thoughts sometimes), pointing things out that I didn't even know about myself, sitting with me while I watch a horrible TV show (cough couch the bachelor) just because he knows I don't like watching it alone, believing in me when I don't necessarily believe in myself (a great example is his constant cheerleading around the novel I am writing). I'm not even sure he is aware all of these little things are the big things, its the things you do that aren't flashy or feel like you should do, like buying flowers on valentine's day for example, that matter.

When you find that person that does the little things that make your heart swell up, that makes you feel powerful and world conquering and that you know, without a shadow of a doubt that if your world fell apart tomorrow, they would be holding your hand, grab them. I am not going to sit here and say our relationship is perfect every single day or always easy. That would be a lie and there is just no such thing. Every relationship has struggles, every marriage has mountains to climb, if it was always easy and good, you wouldn't appreciate it. But I love that guy and make sure he knows it, everyday, he does something to put a smile on my face every day. He also does things that drive me nuts, 7am weekend wake ups! Haha but that's for another post. I just wanted to be honest and clear, relationships take work, devotion, love and attention. The reward of finding that person and having a husband that always has your back is worth every bit of that work.

I hope you all find or have that person and take a moment to be thankful, because at the end of the day, family is what really matters.

Have a wonderful weekend readers. xo

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  1. Beautifully written; that was a very thoughtful post. It definitely made my heart swell and I couldn't agree more with what you've said. xx


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