Trendy Thursday!

Hello lovelies!

Thank you all so much for support of launching my new blog, it is truly such an exciting thing! This week's trend touches on something very close to my heart. DOGS! If you're not a dog owner its super hard to explain the love that comes along with having your own pet. Prior to having one you may find yourself saying things like "my pet will NEVER sleep in my bed, gross" (Yes they will, if you're anything like my sweet little guy you'll have the privilege of being under the covers, head on the pillow, somehow taking up more space then me!) "I will never feed my dog from the table" (LIES! You will not be able to say no to their cute little faces all the time, fine, I am by far the worst offender with this one) "My dog will not become the centre of my life" (I DARE you to walk by him and not want to lay down and snuggle him all day....again, I am a horrible offender in this category, I would quit my job to hang out with him all day, and now I've creeped everyone out)

Anyways, the point of this all is, if you have a puppy, you're probably going to want to find a fun way to incorporate them into your big day! Nothing warms my heart like the photo of a puppy and a wedding dress! There are many things you could have your dog doing, walking down the aisle, carrying the rings on his coller or just having him around to snap some photo's. Here are some of my favorites:

So adorable, right? At the end of the day, this is one of those things that I truly encourage you to do. If your dog is a big part of your life, incorporate them, after all, it is your wedding :) My dog will only be participating in some photo's as he is a little bit crazy when they are tons of people around. His bow tie is pressed and ready to go!

And I will leave you with a photo of my little guy, Jack, hopefully it will provide some explaination as to why I am so crazy about him!
I mean...honestly, that face!

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  1. Looove it!
    I have wedding pictures with just me and Rocky. He jumped up and put his paws on my dress, and people were worried about him ruining it, but I was like awwwwwww.


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