And my face lift has happened! Not a real face lift of course, I could never survive one of those...to many knives and needles. Plus, I'm kind of ok with my face, just the way it is...

Anyways, my new blog is being revealed today! I hope you all like it, I would love to hear your comments below!

A HUGE thank you to Ready to Blog for the beautiful design. She was a tremendous pleasure to work with. She completely brought my vision to life and I will praise her all day long. If you're looking to update your blog, please reach out, she comes highly recommended! Plus, she puts hearts at the end of her emails, who wouldn't love that?

I am truly in love with my new space, it makes blogging even more fun when you get to look at something so pretty. Bare with me as I transition around this new space, for the next little while! I hope to have some step by step's up on my DIY section soon and complete my wedding portfolio as well.

Head back tomorrow for Trendy Thursday!


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