Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I truly cannot believe we're into 2013, time is whipping by! The holiday's felt so rushed for me this year, I was working quite a bit throughout the past 2 weeks, which left little time to relax and savor the family time. I took what I could get, but really could've used a few more days! I'm sure that is what everyone is saying, as they head back to work today. As I mentioned in my last post, the birth of a new year marks a time for reflection and a time to decide how you will better yourself in the next year. A lot of resolutions don't seem to last long and then the optimistic high that you're riding on right now seems to fade. I cannot pretend to know how to make a resolution last, each person is different and can be motivated by a number of different things.

For me, I will truly try to take the next year one single day at a time. Do you know how hard that is for a planner, like me?! I live in the future, I make plans months in advance because I've always been of the mind, that is how things get done! I don't totally disagree with that, but I think I need to really enjoy every moment of the next year and that is only going to happen if I focus on the day ahead of me. Morbidly I have been thinking a lot about how I will feel at the end of my life. Will I be happy with all of the choices I've made, will I feel satisfied that I've lived, will I have made a difference, will I be remembered as someone selfless? I know it's crazy to think that way, but those are all things that have been important to me, my whole life. I don't want regrets. I don't want to think about do-overs, which you don't get. For me, the most important thing is relationships, be it family or friends, making sure that those who I love most know it. Our upcoming wedding and all of the excitment before hand celebrates a lot of love and the beginning of a new family! I know most people only get to do this once, which is why I am determined to take it slow and really appreciate everything about it.

I know I utilize this blog to write about weddings and other things that inspire me and bring joy. I don't write hard hitting news, no world events, some people might even call this space "fluff". I have been reminded a lot over the past month, with the tragedy at Sandy Hook and other folks in my life that are going through their own hard times, that life is really precious. You should take the time to breath in deeply and look around at all the good stuff. I know it is easy to let the negative creep in and take over, but if you woke up in a bed this morning, had breakfast, searched through your closet for a nice outfit and headed off to work, you've got so much more then most people. In light of all of this, I try to use this space as something positive and inspiring for others! Whether you're sitting down to check out your favorite blogs with your morning coffee or reading it at some point throughout the day, I just want it to be a little bit of happiness and a reminder of all of the good out there. Weddings are truly one of the most happy occassions in life, do I genuinely believe it is the most important day in someomes life? No, but it's certainly up there. So I hope you take this space and let it bring a smile to your face, I hope I sometimes make you laugh and sometimes give you new ideas! But, most of all, I hope if you're reading this blog as a bride or groom, you realize how exciting and lucky you are to be experiencing this journey with your best friend! So make the same pact as me, one day at a time, enjoy every moment and savor all of the memories from this awesome ride!

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