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Wow, I cannot believe Christmas is over and we're well on our way to saying goodbye to 2012! This past year has been truly amazing, I did some gorgeous weddings, made some new friends in the process, rekindled old friendships and of course, have been planning my own wedding. 2013 promises to be quite exciting for this wedding girl! I like New Years Eve for different reasons than most, it's not about the over indulgent, way to expensive and over the top parties. I love that feeling of excitement and revival! New Years marks a new year beginning, it reminds us to make changes, create goals, strive for something. Whether it is a diet, to try new things, to be a kinder person, to dedicate more of your time to volunteering, reorgainizing your home, working out, whatever the case may be, there is something exciting about that reminder. Something exciting about starting fresh and reminding yourself of all of the good the past year has brought. Sometimes you're eager to say goodbye and start with a clean slate, but always remember those years, because they taught you lessons, good or bad! This is not to say that you can't reinvent yourself and your goals throughout the year, we just live in a culture that promotes a new beginning on January 1st.

Today I wanted to share some great DIY ideas, from Lauren Conrad, it's here top list from the past year! As New Years approaches and folks start to make resolutions, I thought I would held out by throwing you some fun idea's to save money! So, if you're feeling crafty, check that list out. Then when people ask you where you got that fabulous, one of a kind clutch, you can say "oh this?? I made it!". Feels great, I promise!

Here is a fun wedding related New Years fact: Did you know that New Years Eve is one of the most expensive nights to get hitched?!

I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy ending to 2012 and ring in the new year in a fun, fabulous way! I will be back in 2013 with some fantastic photo's from my Fall weddings and some wedding updates of my own!

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