Trendy Thursday!

What will be the trends in 2013?! Frugal weddings I hope! It is really hard to set a budget and stick to it. Especially with so many variables, like how many guests you're inviting, which dictates the venue and food and beverage costs!

The first question folks always ask me when it comes to a frugal wedding budget is "how are we going to make this happen?" As I've discussed here before, many people don't take a look around and see who they have in their lives that could assist in some way. Also, be willing to put some work into your wedding. Whether you see yourself as a creative person or not, you can learn to do things and the internet is a wonderful tool for inspiration.

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Take the above photo for example, this looks stunning. So well coordinated and beautifully put together. All you would need is the different variations of ribbon, which you could get at a craft store, such as Michael's or other craft wholesalers and rose petals. This would be totally re-creatable, even for the creatively challenged!

I hope you all enjoy your first weekend of 2013, as previously mentioned I will be at a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Mike & Sarah!

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