Weddi-quette Wednesday!

My most popular service, by far, is the day of package. Most folks actually don't mind the planning process, if you're like me, you think it's fun! However, the issue becomes "who will do the laundry list of things that need to be done on the day of". Things like placing the centrepieces on the tables, setting up the guestbook, coordinating exterior vendors (for example, a photo booth), ensuring the day runs on your anticipated schedule...the list could go on for a while!

One of the biggest no no's I've seen at wedding's I have attended, that lacked a day of coordinator, is the timing. You need someone there ensuring that speeches are happening quickly and timely, otherwise, dinner ends up last HOURS. No one wants that. Other issues could be that the venue doesn't look as you imagined it. Not for lack of trying, but perhaps you've asked a loved one or members of your wedding party to move the ceremony, there is usually just not enough time to finesse all of the details. They're probably needed elsewhere or being pulled aside by other guests.

I think having a day of planner is super important, if for nothing else, then for your piece of mind. These days, with the arrival of pinterest and other fun DIY sites, brides have a lot more 'pieces' to their weddings then the traditional guest book, flowers and candles. Day of coordinators can help you achieve your vision. It could be something large scale, like setting up a candy bar to something smaller, like moving the ceremony flowers into the reception hall.

Within my package I offer some meeting time with the bride and groom about a week or so before the big day. They walk me through how they want things to go, they bring along floor plans and inspirational photo's. It really is great! Even I, the wedding girl herself, has a day of coordinator all ready to go. It is the only other person I trust to keep things on track (haha!) but, I do have one :)

I hope this helps everyone understand the reasoning for a day of coordinator, I could go into much more detail, but I don't want to bore everyone! Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions surrounding this topic.

Hope you all stay warm and cozy on this rainy, chilly Fall day :)

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