Trendy Thursday!

Good Morning Readers,

This week's trend that I'd like to discuss is ruffle cakes, also known as the cutest cake known to man. I mean, what better to make for a girly girl, then a ruffle cake?!? I have most definitely chatted about these cakes before, on the blog. I just think they are so cool! I have yet to try my hand at one, but there are lots of fantastic events coming up, it's on my to do list for sure!

The thing with these cakes or cupcakes, is that you could use them for showers, bachelorette parties or the wedding! They're a great addition to all 3 events. I think it would also be super cute at a baby shower, I have SO many cool ideas! Thank God pinterest is a thing these days, it's nice to know that there is a place to share all of these neat ideas!

Check out some photo's of ruffle cakes below:

Wow, right?! So pretty! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am doing another wedding this weekend, for the beautiful Samantha! I will report back next week and don't think I forgot about Kristina's gorgeous wedding from September, just waiting on photo's for that one!

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