Weddi-quette Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

Today is actually my Thursday, which means tomorrow is my Friday! Which means only one more day until the weekend and this weekend is extra exciting because I am going to CHICAGO!!! Woooo hooooo!

This week's weddi-quette is surrounding the bride's entrance to the ceremony! Traditionally this involves dear old Dad walking you down the aisle, however, in more recent years both parents walk the bride down the aisle or sometimes she walks herself down the aisle. There really is no hard and fast rule, most traditions in the wedding world have been thrown out the window and we now only use a variation of them.

The tradition of the father walking his daughter down the aisle, dates back to when women we treated as items, leverage for a better bargain if you will. Often times father's traded their daughters for something (sometimes something like farm animals if you can believe that) in return. The day you'd see me allowing someone to chat about what I'm worth in the animal trading world, would not be a pretty one....mainly for my Dad. I think my Dad (number one wg fan!) deserves a nickname, I have Mr. wedding girl...so let's call him the wedding Dad!

Back too it! The meaning behind the walk up the aisle is still giving the daughter away, she's leaving her original family and making her own. This is usually a part of the wedding that elicits a ton of tears, it's one of my favorite parts of the whole day! So, in saying that, I think you should make your big entrance however you want! It is your day, after all and it should be everything you've envisioned :)

No trendy Thursday tomorrow folks, but I will be back next week nice and rested from Chicago! Enjoy your long weekend!

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