Top 10 Tuesday!

Hi Everyone!

I am back! I took my much needed vacation and am now back and ready to go with the upcoming wedding I have in a week and a half! I am really excited about this one, I have been working with Andrew and Caitie for almost a year now! Hard to believe the big day has finally arrived!! (Almost!)

As you know I also had a wedding this past weekend! The beautiful Jessica, married Alex, in a room full of flowers, candle light and love! Unfortunately the rain stymied the original plan of an outdoor ceremony, but it was gorgeous all the same! Jessica shared her vision with me and I did my best to bring it too life, she was one bride with a great eye! This week I would like to share 10 photo's with you, from her big day!

Jessica got a lot of her idea's from Pinterest (good on ya!) and as you can see, it turned out beautifully. They are off on their honeymoon today!

Jessica and Alex, thank you for giving me the pleasure of being a part of your big day! I wish you both all of the love and happiness in the world!

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