Weddi-quette Wednesday!

This week in the world of weddi-quette's I thought it would be a great time to discuss pre-wedding gifts for your significant other.

Many people decide to gift their soon to be husband or wife with a little something before the big day. I have personally seen this range from jewelery to electronics to shoes! While it certainly is a lovely gesture, isn't giving yourself gift enough?? No, no, I'm just kidding!

I believe the tradition of the gift giving dates back centuries, when Chinese men would gift their future in laws in the months leading up to the wedding, eventually giving a gift to the bride to be. Now it's usually a gift that is delivered while both parties are getting ready. I've seen some truly special moments, that involve nothing more then a letter from the groom, to the bride. It could be as simple as "I cannot wait to see you today". In my mind that is much better then a gift.

Like I said, I certainly see the reason people do it and I respect that. If this is for you, try to keep in mind it should be symbolic, it should be something that represents what is about to happen! And it does not need to be expensive! You're already spending a ton of money on the day!

My advice is always the same, keep it personal, keep it you and keep the main reason of the day front of mind!

Happy hump day!

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