Trendy Thursday!

Hi y'all!

It's almost the weekend!!! And I cannot WAIT for this weekend, it marks the beginning of my one week vacation :) So, I will not be blogging next week, but, when I return I will have more wedding goodies for you! I am assisting at a wedding next weekend for the beautiful Jessica and her husband to be Alex. This bride is super organized, I am impressed! I'm sure her wedding will be just as stunning as she intends.

Let's talk trends! This weeks trend is a popular one these days in the wedding world! Cocktail games! Who doesn't love the idea of a little garden party fun? You can get some really cute little games, like Bocce ball, Horseshoes or Croquet going, if you have enough lawn space. This helps break up, the sometimes monotonous, cocktail hour. Plus, it's a little something different for your guests!

See how cute that couple looks doing it? Just keep in mind, everyone will be dressed up, there will be a lot of high heels and delicate fabrics, so I wouldn't suggest anything too full contact! Plus, NO ONE likes to sweat when they're all dressed up!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks trend and I hope you all have a wonderful, sunshine filled week while I'm gone! In the mean time, check out some of my other favorite bloggers!

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