Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Back on track and it feels so good! I can't stand feeling disorganized and feeling that my life is in a disarray! This week's weddi-quette will be about money $$$.

Recently I've been asked by friends and family members about the etiquette of a "money shower". A money shower, for those of you that don't know, is essentially a shower, where guests are only asked to bring money or gift cards, in lieu of gifts. More and more these day's it is becoming a popular trend. Couples often live together years before actually tying the knot, which means they accrue a lot of their own stuff. So, the idea of a money shower makes sense to most people. However, there are still a lot of old school folks out there, who believe that while the idea of a shower is certainly to assist you in the beginning of your life together, they prefer to do it the good old fashioned way and get you actual things. I see the benefits of both. While Mr. wedding girl and I have been living together, it's only been for a few short months and we are still in need of a lot the good stuff. Certainly less so, after our first shower!

While I agree there are situations that a money shower makes sense, I think you MUST be very, extremely, over the top, tasteful, while doing it. I've seen a ton of cute little cards that come along with the invite, asking guests to help contribute to the money tree. If you are having a money shower, make people understand why, the last thing you want is bitter guests, that complain the whole time.

I still always push my couples to register somewhere, even for a few things. Like I said, people still enjoy giving "stuff", plus that'll give guests an idea of the stores you and your signifigant other like! Too bad you can't register at Homesense! My favorite!

I hope that helps anyone that has been inquiring about this! Remember, at the end of the day, the gifts and the money are no where near the top of what's really important :)

As promised, here are some photo's of the bachelorette party!

I took some ideas from my shower and used pink and black chinese lanters!

I got some great banner roll, napkins and a sash for the bride at Party Packagers. I also used pink balloons just thrown around the floor, I always think that looks so fun! Hotel rooms are difficult to decorate, but the bride seemed quite happy, so that is all that matters :)

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