Top 10 Tuesday!

OK, I am back! As promised and this time, I will give you all notice if I have to hunker down and put my writing on hold. Hopefully that doesn't have to happen again anytime soon.

Alright, updates from the wedding girl,  as I mentioned, this past weekend I attended Katie's Bachelorette Party! It was awesome, I promise to show photo's of the decorations in tomorrow's post. I was so impressed with all of the goodness the maid of honor, Carrie, had in store for us. She planned games and had healthy and delicious snacks, as our bride is a good eater! We played "Wedding Pictonary" which got a little competitive, but was SO fun! Bridesmaids won it! Sorry Katie :) And we played a really funny game that involved oven mitts, pantyhose and a stopwatch, if you want more information about that one, shoot me a message!

This weekend brings Katie and Scott's wedding! I can't wait to see 2 such great people tie the knot and officially start their lives as husband and wife, of course, photo's will go up next week from that wedding.

Otherwise I've been a busy bee with my 2 upcoming August weddings and changing jobs once again. The maternity leave I was covering has returned and I will resume my old post :) Like I said, lots of changes.

In terms of my wedding updates, you will start to see a weekly update column called "the wedding girl gets crafty!" Obviously Mr. wedding girl and I will be doing a lot of the things ourselves. For example, making our save the dates, invites and thank you cards, creating our centrepiece and other fun decorations and much, much more! I thought it would be fun to document some of that goodness and hopefully, give some of my lovely readers some good money-savin' tips!

On to the good stuff, as promised, even though it's a little bit late, here are my Top 10 idea's for Groomsmen Gifts. You already know my feelings on saying thank you!

As always, it depends on how much money you've laid out in your budget, but, the bottom line is, you want to get them something they will actually use and enjoy. Let's face it, not many people use flasks these days, even though that is a popular groomsmen gift, I advise focusing your money elsewhere.

  1. Pay for their tie or bow tie for the big day!
  2. Get them a nice shirt, also to be worn on the big day!
  3. Rent their tux's for them, if that is the route their taking.
  4. Get them some golf (or other sports goodies) if you're all into the same sort of thing! You want to keep the gifts fluid and similar, try to get everyone the same thing.
  5. Take them out for a really nice steak dinner
  6. A nice leather wallet goes a long way!
  7. Cuff links is something one rarely buys for themselves.
  8. Every one's got an iPhone or Blackberry these days, get them a cool custom made cover
  9. Men seem to love BBQ-ing, anything grill related goes a long way, in my experience
  10. There are tons of really neat coffee table books out there, sports related or otherwise, this is a truly lovely gesture, as most people don't splurge on that sort of thing.

Obviously it was a bit tougher to find photo's of all of the things I was chatting about, but you want to make sure it's something that will get some good use and something that shows these guys how thankful you are, because lets face it, you probably won't be hugging and crying and sharing stories all day like the ladies will be!

Happy Tuesday folks, glad we're back on track!

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