Trendy Thursday!

So, I'm sure most, if not all, of you are wondering what is trendy these days in the wonderful world of weddings?? And, really, how could you not be?!

This week I would love to chat about the rehearsal dinner! Essentially the rehearsal dinner is held for the wedding party and usually close family, think grandparents and parents of the couple! It's the run through for the big day. It certainly helps calm the nerves to know where you should walk, when you should walk, where you should stand, the timing of the music, when you need to sign something and the list goes on! You could even practise the first kiss if you wanted! After you've done your run through, there is often times a dinner. It is traditionally thrown by the groom's parents, as the bride's parents traditionally pay for most of the wedding. Things have changed A LOT in the last few decades, so this isn't always the way anymore.

Regardless of who is paying for it, it's usually a great opportunity to get your wedding party together, thank them with a nice little speech or individually and just have a great evening of yummy food and drinks.

Usually the dinner takes place at some one's house or a restaurant. I've seen some truly neat ideas to keep the rehearsal dinner fresh and fun! Take a look at some of the themed photo's below, from Martha Stewart Weddings!

Check out all of the fun, different themes you can go with!! You're only going to do all of these things once, so make sure to do it right! And of course, ensure it's all in the budget :) Have a wonderful weekend, check back next week for photo's from Katie's wedding!

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