My apologies!

This wedding girl has been one busy chicka the past 2 weeks! I sincerely apologize for no new postings! I've been completely slammed at work and then took a mini vacation to Blue Mountain, which was MUCH needed! If you've never been to the Scandinave Spa, do yourself a favour a book a day there! Wow, I've never felt so relaxed and wonderful!

Now that I'm back in the real world, I just sit and daydream about being back at that stunning spa! As for right now though, I must return to burring myself under work, I promise to return next week with some fun new posts and get back on schedule!

I'll also be highlighting my first shower, which is taking place this weekend!! I am so excited to see a bunch of my favourite people! Photo's and new posts next week, promise!

In the mean time, head over to one of my favourite blogs, as Megan, of Across The Pond just got engaged!

Happy (almost, couldn't come soon enough!) weekend readers!

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