Trendy Thursday!

Alright, I'm sure this isn't new...but, being a newly engaged gal, I've just discovered it. Kate Spade has a wedding line...so do other's, which I will discuss at a later date. But, Kate freakin' Spade, I love (and own very little) of her line.

The line has tons of cute things, ranging from shoes for the big day to honeymoon wear. They also carry some of the cute bridesmaids gifts I featured this week. Another shop that has a wedding line is J.Crew (which is one of my favorites!). The nice thing with these additional lines, is that you have the option of purchasing your shoes and your gown at a place that you're already accustom with. You know your size, the style you like and the what will fit you best before you even walk in the door! Plus, some of the knick knacks they have, are to die for! Who wouldn't want a cute little "Mrs" necklace to wear after your big day?Whether your a bride or not, I urge you to check out the cute stuff she's got going on!

Try not to lust after too many of the items, have a fabulous, sunshine filled long weekend readers!

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