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Hello readers!

I am back, my apologies once again about the small hiatus I took. Things in my non-wedding life were getting a bit out of hand, luckily it's all back to normal now (or at least, slowly moving back to normal!)! So, I thought I would take this opportunities to do a couple of updates.

As I mentioned last week, I had my first shower this past weekend. While I've attended showers, I've obviously never attended one in my honor. I think the only way to describe the overwhelming feeling of love and support is truly heartwarming. This shower was a little different, it was mixed, so guys and girls attended. My lovely bridesmaid Heather, hosted the shower and did an outstanding job. The amount of time and effort that went into this shower showed through with everything from the decor (the theme was black and white!) to the themed gifts that each person had to bring! The food was delicious and so eye catching! Mr. wedding girl and I were so excited too see everything that had gone into making the day the huge success it was. Being event planners we both know the amount of organization and time that goes into ensuring an event is planned down to the last detail.

As I mentioned the gifts were all themed as well, so each guest got a different "time". For example; there was "snuggle time"- we got Snuggies! "Breakfast time" we got lots of breakfast goodies (including my favorite gift, which you'll see a photo of below) "Party time" we got lots of little treats to assist in throwing an excellent dinner party, including piggy salt and pepper shakers!  I could go on, because we got tons of amazing things. However, I think I'd lose some of you! Everyone was so thoughtful and creative!

The thing with being the bride at your own shower is, you really see and appreciate how much work every single person there has put forth. People take time to go out and get you something special, they travel to the party, they spend time getting to know the new "blended family" and most of all they come, because they love you. When you sit back and really think about all of that, you can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy, you can't help but feel so thankful and blessed.

Mr. wedding girl and I came home and went through everything again, it's hard to really get a good look at everything when you're the centre of attention. We re-read through all of the cards and chatted about how lucky we are. A HUGE thank you to everyone in attendance this weekend and a very special thank you, to Heather and Cathy. The shower was amazing and we will lovingly remember that day forever!
The candy bar!! Yum!

Check out this spread! With black and white plates, of course!

As promised, I totally wore white to my first shower :) I'm so excited to marry this guy!

Here it is folks, my favorite gift of all (however, I truly did love all of them!!!)  These mugs were part of our "Breakfast Time" gift, given to us by my brother and his sweet girlfriend. How awesome are they?!?! SO cool!

So that is the wrap up of my amazing shower! I'm still on cloud nine from how much fun I had!

In other wedding news, Katie & Scott are getting married in less then 2 weeks!!! I am so excited for them :) This weekend is Katie's Bachelorette and  I've been tasked with decorations, I'll be sure to get some great photo's and pass along some good idea's next week!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, come on back tomorrow for Trendy Thursday!

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