Top 10 Tuesday!

Good Morning Readers,

I hope you all had delightful, relaxing weekends! The weather was quite lovely, which is always nice!

As I mentioned last week, I attended Blog Podium on Saturday. It was a truly wonderful, educational event that I would highly recommend to bloggers. While the event focused heavily on design, I still found the "Monetizing Your Blog" discussion from Nicole Balch, author of Making It Lovely, super interesting. The panel of experts was also super helpful, they gave tons of great ideas that I plan on implementing!

My Top 10 Moments are as follows:
  1. Getting the opportunity to meet and chat with new bloggers
  2. The fabulous decor!
  3. Hearing Nicole speak, I am a Making It Lovely lover!
  4. Being energized by all of the creativity!
  5. Being a part of such a fun afternoon.
  6. Getting a long list of questions answered!
  7. Getting new ideas
  8. Discovering TONS of new blogs to read!
  9. The cute pencils and of course...
  10. THE GIVEAWAY'S! I am a sucker for giveaway's, I must get that from my Dad, who fancies himself a sample or 2 at Costco and Loblaws.
Here are some photo's from the event, taken by Mango Studios!
Beautiful Centrepieces

Nicole Balch!

They will be holding another Blog Podium in the Fall, it's a great way to meet people and to see how big the blogging community in the GTA truly is. 

I want to take the time to truly thank each and every one of you that reads this blog weekly, without you guys I might as well just write this in a letter to my Dad. In the coming year, I plan on upping the ante and making this space bigger and better! So look out! 

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