Top 10 Tuesday!

Hello Readers!

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! I sure did, it was one of those weekends that had just the right amount of socializing, sunshine, laughter and great food! It definitely made me super thankful for the wonderful life I live and all of the people in it!

Mr. wedding girl and I met with our caterer this weekend and it was so fun! I've worked at a small bistro for quite a few years, the owner has generiously offered to cater my wedding. It is just fantastic that things are working out this way! Not only is the restautrant a huge part of my life, but, it's also one of our favorite places to go as a couple. This is a great example of adding personal touches to your wedding. We're still finalizing things and making sure we're good to go with a final venue inspection this coming weekend, but, hopefully come June I will be able to update you all on my journey!

This weeks Top 10 is all about yummy food! One of the things we will be having at our wedding is a late night snack station. Traditionally this is when the "sweet" table comes out, but in recent years this has changed. Now you can have anything from a fondue station, to ice cream, to pub food! Here are my Top 10 Late Night Food Ideas:

Think outside of the box on this one. Try to stay away from the usual cake and sweets table, if possible. Unless that is something you want, if it is, then go banana's! Pinterest, as always has tons of fabulous inspiration :)

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