Top 10 Tuesday!

Hello Readers!

I hope you all had lovely weekends spoiling your Mom's or being spoiled yourself, if you're lucky enough to be a Mom! I had a great weekend with both my Mom's! And had an amazing time shopping away with my lovely ladies! Everyone got some great steals and we got some good ideas for potential bridesmaids dresses!

On to this week's Top 10! Since I've shared that pink will be one of my main colours, I thought I would share my favorite "pink" photo's that inspire me!

Of course the whole wedding won't be pink, I am marrying a guy after all! And I would never want it looking like Barbie's Malibu Wedding. But, I do love the different shades of pink that are out there, I think it makes things more romantic and it is my favorite colour!

A really fabulous idea, when planning a wedding, is to come up with an inspiration board. It's basically a hard copy of Pinterest (where I got most of those photos). Below is a great example of one:

This will keep you on track, it'll make sure that what you're doing all flows nicely together, who knows, maybe it'll even spawn more inspiration :) I have yet to make mine, but have the paint chips and am VERY excited to get started!

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