I LOVE my Mom!

So, I know it's a little bit early, but, I wanted to make sure to give a special shout out to my amazing Mom this weekend!

I am very lucky to have a close relationship with my Mom. She is, hands down, one of my very best friends. She is fantastic at everything she does, our home was always clean, cozy and smelled delicious! She takes amazing care of everyone she cares about and constantly has a smile on her pretty face. She is supportive, funny, sassy and the best hugger. Nothing feels better then a Momma hug when you're having a bad day.

My Mom and I share a lot of similarities, we love the same TV shows, read a lot of the same books and of course, have a soft spot for a little retail therapy. I am also lucky to have received her creativity. A lot of the things you've seen on here have been inspired by her, whether it's a conversation we've had or it's something I think she'd like.

She is an wonderful woman and I'm lucky she's my Mommy. I hope you know how much you're cherished and how special I think you are. Happy (early) Mother's Day!

Just looking at this photo puts a smile on my face, who wouldn't want a hug from her?!

And to all the other Mom's out there, whether you're a new Mom (Lillie, Heather and Sarah!) or you've been a Mom for a while, I hope you have a special day and you realize how important you are! I would also like to wish a special "Happy Mother's Day" to my almost-Mother In Law. I got lucky again, I LOVE my soon to be Mother in Law, she is warm, hilarious and I love the time I get to spend with her. I hope you have a special day, Judy, and also know how much I cherish you!

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