Weddi-quette Wednesday!

Good Morning Readers!

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, lets pray that it stays sunny and gets warmer! I am having a  ton of people over next weekend, to my new house, and I need it to be warm and gorgeous!

This weeks "weddi-quette" discussion is about letting people down gently and always being polite. When you're planning a wedding, for yourself or a client, you are looking at a multitude of different vendors. You're talking to different photographers, rental companies, bakers, DJ's, florist, venues and the list goes on. You're obviously only going to be selecting one in each category, you have to remember to tell other vendors you've chosen to go another way. While this may be uncomfortable and something you're not looking forward too, it's only fair.

Most of these vendor's make their living on weddings or other events they book, they could be holding a date, turning down other business or just be eager to work with you. Letting them know you've decided to go another way is fair, mature and polite. Once you've done that, the onus is off of you, if they start asking why or what they could have done better, you can respond if you'd like. But, your responsibility is over.

Remember, be courteous, be respectful of people's time and be honest. If you do those things, karma will be on your side :)

Happy hump day!

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