Top 10 Tuesday!

Good Morning Readers!

I hope you're all staying warm and cozy in this freak cold, rain, snow? storm! I've got to say, it makes getting out of bed incredibly hard in the morning! Despite this weather, I've been feeling inspired lately! I'm getting more and more excited about all of the do it yourself, crafty goodness, that I am going to get to do for my wedding! We've looked at tons of venues and am happy to report we've narrowed it down, I think! I will be so glad to have something that is ours, for sure! That is when the real fun begins!

Since I am feeling so crafty and inspired, this week I would like to highlight my Top 10 Idea's for Cocktail hour :) I hope this inspires you to think of some fun, personalized ideas for your big day!

I am sure you'll see some trends here. I LOVE the usage of Mason Jars, as glasses. I adore those sweet straws and I will be going for the "shabby chic" look, as my lovely Mom has labelled it. We really want to give off the backyard, super fun party. So these are all a part of my inspiration boards! What are some of your fun, personal inspirations for the cocktail hour?? All photo's are from fabulous Pinterest!

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