Happy One Year (& one day) Wedding Anniversary to my favorite Royals!

Hello readers!

I'm sure you all remembered that yesterday marked the 1st Wedding Anniversary for my beloved William and Kate. Or maybe you're not nearly as dorky as me.

It was lovely to raise my cup of tea to the magical day that was April 29th, 2011. While that wedding isn't quite serving as inspiration to my own, lets face it, we're not Royals. It is reminding me that all weddings should include that romantic, magical aspect. Seeing Kate exit the car was my favorite moment, she, of course, looked stunning, but she also looked elated and excited! That is how you should feel on your wedding day :) Not stressed that something might go wrong!

So Happy Anniversary William and Kate (who, of course read this blog), I hope that there is a little bit of that magic in every one of your days together!

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