Trendy Thursday!

As promised, I am back this week with a newer wedding trend! Keeping it causal, let's call it.

While many weddings are still very traditional, in the sense that they stick to the guidelines. Ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and speeches, dancing. Other couples are slowly slipping away from the formalities, making it less rigid feeling and more of a ho down kind of atmosphere. This is definitely the vibe that our wedding will be giving off, at the end of the day, mr. wg and I, just want everyone to have a rockin' good time!

One of the ways couples are spicing things up a little bit, is throwing away a seating chart. I totally understand why most weddings have seating charts and if it is something that you would like to take the time to coordinate, more power to ya! However, often times it becomes a stressful situation, trying to decide who should sit where, who can or can't sit next to whom and sweating who you may or may not be offending. Forget it! That is a stress you don't need. We are planning to make up a cute little sign and let people sit wherever they'd like! Here is a great sign idea:

And, if you do decide that a seating plan is for you (which, like I said, I still totally get and respect and have assisted brides in making!) here are some options for you!:

Happy Thursday and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

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