Top 10 Tuesday!

Good Afternoon my little bride and grooms to be!

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday will focus around an extremely fun activity - REGISTERING! I know what you're thinking, I don't even have my venue yet. Technically, the registry doesn't have to be done until about 8 months from your wedding, at the very latest of course! You can never be too organized though, so Mr. wedding girl and I decided to get started with the registry process. So far, we've registered at Crate and Barrel and Home Outfitters. Both were super easy, fun processes, Crate and Barrel even gives you a little gift!

We didn't book in advance, which you should probably do, we were lucky and people were available to help us when we needed, but, I think if you book in advance you're guaranteed that service! Mr. wg was kind enough to let me be the scanner! We literally just wandered around the store and chose things we knew we would be needing. The difficult thing for us is, we're not in our forever house, by this I mean, we will be moving in the next 5 years most likely, so it was difficult to chose larger ticket items. But, we had such a ball picking and choosing things we thought we'd like and we definitely would need! I highly suggest registering at both of these retailers, like I said, they were both very accommodating and friendly. The process is quite easy and painless! Both retailers offer a great service, if your wedding comes around and there still things left on your registry after the big day, you have the option of purchasing them yourself, with 10% off! Amazing!

I really enjoy that you have the power to make changes online for the Home Outfitters registry. Crate and Barrel requires you to go into the store to make changes, basically it's a cleaver ploy to get me into their store to add more things I "need", aka want, on to my registry! It's still a work in progress, but that's the beauty of doing it so early!

Here are some items from my registries that I really love! I couldn't narrow it down to 10, so I just randomly chose some neat things:

This baby is a homemade burger press, Mr. wg and I are serious burger fans, so this will certainly be a handy tool to have!

As you all know, I love baking! Clearly this is something I will need to display all of my treats!

I also LOVE making (and eating) homemade pizza, this pizza stone looks glorious!

I've wanted a pillow like this for a while, I think they're so cool!

Beyond this sweet invention protecting all of my cook books from my klutzy behavior, it just looks cool.

This is a Cuisinart Griddler...it can make waffles (which is really all it needs to do!) panini's and other delicious treats!

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